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Smallville The Unexpected Journeys 2
The Unexpected Journeys
Chapter 2
Clark stared at Hera a moment. Still reeling from what she had just shown him. Shaking his head he began to speak but was interrupted as Hera stood and turned her back to him.
“Clark, there is something that you must know before you face Hercules. He has been known throughout the lands to be a trickster and openly boasts that he will destroy me. This cannot be allowed to come to fruition. While I have seen the future of someone such as you, I cannot see my own future. In order to defeat this beast you must first gather the three pieces of armor strewn out across the land by Hercules himself. He has placed guardians to watch over them and in order to gain them you must first defeat the Minotaur which guards the chest plate. The Hydra which guards the grieves. Last but certainly not least is the mighty Gorgon which guards the helm. Do you think you can accomplish this Clark?”
“If it means taking down a monster then
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Smallville The Unexpected Journeys
The Unexpected Journeys
Chapter One
 Author note: This is set almost immediately after Jonathan Kent passes away. (Season 5 Episode 12) Things will be very strange. So please bare with me. I hope you enjoy. Also, one more thing. Celia is pronounced Sell-ee-uh. Thank you.  
Clark stood before his fathers grave. The snow had increased but Clark didn't even notice. For several hours now after all had left, he simply stood there. Unmoving, silent. The same recurring thought rushing through his mind. ~ This is my fault...I wasn't strong enough to save you...~ Clark fell to his knees. Tears pouring down his face as the wind intensified. Clark stared at the grave, hoping his father would simply sit up. He knew better though, Jonathan Kent was gone. Rising to his feet he bowed his head slightly, giving a final moment of silence for him. As Clark turned to leave he thought he heard something in the wind. A sort of high pitched chime of sorts. Ignoring it Clark sta
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Ninjas True Path To Destiny 39
       Ninjas True Path to Legacy
                    Chapter 39
 Yusuke stood before Akuma. Staring at him with anger clearly visible on his face. Akuma stared back at him seemingly unworried as he said.
 "You? You are going to stop me? When your son and comrade could not?" Akuma chuckled as Yusuke turned his back to him. A look of slight confusion on his face, he watched as Yusuke knelt down to Giatsu saying as he did.
  "Rest Giatsu, this is my fight now." Yusuke placed a hand on Giatsus chest saying as he did. "I love you son." Yusuke stood and turned back to Akuma. The anger had returned to his face as he took a stance. Akuma steadied himself as Yusuke made no move. Lunging forward Akuma swung his left leg upwards aiming to make contact with Yusuke's chin. Yusuke brought one hand down with equal force bring
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Ninja's True Path To Legacy 38
Ninja’s True Path To Legacy
Chapter 38
A new foe
As Giatsu and Ichigo continued running down the seemingly endless corridor they finally came to a large room with a single light in the center of the room. Rushing into the room they skidded to a halt when they saw a familiar face, it was Zero holding his katana and staring at them silently. Giatsu stepped forward and called out to him.
"Zero! What the hell happened to you? Are you okay? Come on, we have to get out of here." Giatsu stared as Zero said nothing it was then that Ichigo spoke up.
"I have a feeling that he isn’t himself." No sooner had Ichigo said that Zero finally spoke up.
"The two of you will die today." Zero then took a step forward and began to rush at them. As he got closer to them Ichigo began to take a step forward when Giatsu placed a hand on his chest and stopped him. Giatsu then lunged forward and drawing his Zanpakuto clashed with Zero. The two of them pushed against one another with force as Giatsu st
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Ninja's True Path To Legacy 37
Ninjas True Path To Legacy
Chapter 37
Kakashis Trials
Giatsu, Ichigo and Kakashi scoured the room searching for some kind of exit. Within roughly ten minutes they gathered back in what they believed to be the center of the room. As they gathered together Kakashi spoke first.
"Something is definitely wrong here." As Kakashi spoke Ichigo's eyes suddenly got wide and he leapt forward shoving Giatsu and Kakashi out of the way as two spiraling energy balls crashed down where they had been standing only moments sooner. The explosion tore up the ground and threw the three of them into a rock formation nearbye. As they got up they were greeted by two figures standing about fifteen feet in front of them. They were both what appeared to be young girls each with long flowing multi colored hair. They wore short shorts and multicolored leggings under them. They each had on black and white striped shirts and wore what
appeared to be sandals over the leggings on there feet. One of them giggled and st
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Ninja's true path to legacy 36
                                                                            Ninja's True Path To Legacy
                                                                                        Chapter 36
                                                                            The Swords of Fire and Ice
      The ice dragon that had been launched from Kenchi's sword had hit it's mark, kicking up a huge cloud of dust and debris. Kenchi Laughed hysterically as he stared at the cloud, however his victory was far at hand, as he
watched a huge
glowing orb of energy fired from within the cloud aimed straight at Kenchi. Leaping out of the way the orb crashed into the ground and exploded letting loose a huge burst of energy that nearly took Kenchi off his feet. Turning to where the orb came from Kenchi saw five figures standing there. Sure enough it was Kakashi, Yusuke, Giatsu, Sasuke and Ichigo all unharmed as if the ice dragon hadn't even hit them. Kenchi looked dumbfounded as he smirked
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Ninja's True Path To Legacy 35
Ninja's True Path To Legacy Chapter 35 The Man behind the mask
   Yusuke, Kakashi and Sasuke made it back to Sasuke's makeshift hideout with no
problems to be had. When they returned Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu appeared shocked that Sasuke would bring back the two of them. As they approached the group Suigetsu stood up and stepped towards them.
"What the hell are these two doing
here?" Suigetsu glared intently at Sasuke who smirked and replied.
"These two are here with me Suigetsu, mind your tongue before I tear it out." Sasuke turned and lead Kakashi and Yusuke away from the group a little ways. Turning back to the others Sasuke said. "Karin come here." Karin turned and hopped up pretty fast before rushing over to them. As Karin approached them she asked.
"Yes?" Sasuke glared at her for a moment
before answering.
"I want you to tell Kakashi and Yusuke what you told me before I left earlier." Sasuke stood there his arms crossed as Karin explained.
"Well when Zero was captu
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Ninja's True Path To legacy 34
Ninja's True Path To Legacy
Chapter 34
The four swords
       Yusuke had made it to the hospital with the injured man and his wife, upon arrival he ran up to the counter and told them what had happened. They immediately rushed the injured man off to the ER, his wife smiled and hugged Yusuke thanking him with tears in her eyes as she ran off to be with her husband. Yusuke smiled and started out the entrance of the hospital, he no more then took a step outside when something caught his attention. Standing up on the rooftop was a man in a cloak staring down at him from what Yusuke guessed. the man lunged off the rooftop and vanished appearing halfway down towards Yusuke the man reeled back his fist and swung it at him Yusuke leapt forward and thrust out his own punch colliding with this strange man. The force of the blow however was more then Yusuke could have anticipated and it shot him straight through the entrance to the hospital shattered glass lay s
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Ninja's True Path To Legacy 33
Ninja's True Path To Legacy
Chapter 33
   It was nearly morning at Orihime's house when the senkaimon opened, everyone eagerly anticipating the return of Giatsu and company. When Ikkaku and Yusuke stepped out from the Senkaimon holding an unconscious Giatsu and Ichigo on there shoulders Orihime immediately had then set down in the room Uryu was currently resting in. From there she immediately began working on healing there injuries. As Orihime motioned for everyone to leave the room Chad stood in front of the door allowing Orihime to work in peace. Ikkaku approached Rukia and Renji saying to them both as he did.
       "I am sorry for this but you both have been ordered to return at once to the Soul Society." Ikkaku's words shocked Renji and Rukia. Renji stepped forward and replied.
       "Under whose authority are we being summoned back?" Ikkaku replied modestly.
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Ninja's True Path To Legacy 32
Ninja's True Path to Legacy
Chapter 32
Shocking News
   Giatsu stood before Ichigo his voice snarling and gritty sounding like he had something in his throat. The mask covered over half his face. Giatsu spun his Zanpakuto around a few times as Ichigo said to him.
         "Giatsu I know about your inner hollow, you need to fight it now before you end up becoming a complete hollow." Ichigo still had his Hollow mask on and was prepared to fight until the very end. Giatsu snarled at him and vanished appearing in the air above him he swung his zanpakuto downwards at him and Ichigo parried the blow and it sent a tremor of spiritual pressure firing out from both of them as Giatsu vanished again and appearing just to his left he swung at Ichigo but his Zanpakuto hit nothing but air as Ichigo was already behind him swinging at a downwards angle so as to cut his back wide open. But Giatsu turned and just barely avoided getting even a s
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Ninja's True Path to legacy 31
Ninja's True Path to Legacy
Chapter 31
The Mask returns
   Giatsu was leaping over rooftop after rooftop in his attempt to make it to the senkaimon before anybody realized he was gone. Within minutes he landed in front of the senkaimon and sighing he approached it to open and leave the Soul society. as he got within inches of it he felt another persons spiritual pressure appear behind him. Turning around he found himself staring at Ichigo. Ichigo had a serious look on his face as he said to Giatsu.
       "Where are you going Giatsu?" Ichigo stood his ground as Giatsu turned and replied.
       "I'm going to save my daughter from that freak Aizen. Are you going to stop me Ichigo?"
       "I was hoping you wouldnt ask me that Giatsu. Because yes I am." Ichigo reached up and gripping Zangetsu he pulled his zanpakuto off his back and pointed the blade at Giatsu who sighe
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Ninja's True Path 30
Ninja's True Path to Legacy
Chapter 30
The Meeting
   In Las Noches the young daughter of Giatsu Kentarami was trying to wrap her head around her current situation. As she stared out her window at the seemingly serene atmospher outside she couldnt help but wonder if her father was really going to be able to save her. As she sat there she said silently.
    "Dad please come soon..." Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as the door to the room opened and a familiar pale looking man entered. Ulquiorra scanned the room a moment his hands in his pockets as always as he said to Asuka.
    "Asuka Kentarami, Lord Aizen has requested an audience with you in his chambers. Please follow me." Ulquiorra turned and started out the door, Asuka had felt cooped up in her room for so long she decided what the hell and followed him down the long winding corridors of Las Noches. Within ten minutes the two entered the large chamber filled with large p
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I Bought a laptop and I can finally continue my stories. Hopefully very soon I will start updating much more frequently. Starting with the next two chapters for Ninja's True Path as well as a few That sooner require updates haha.


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